Shelled Green Pistachio from Bronte P.D.O.


Natural and shelled green pistachio of Bronte P.D.O.

It is simply the pistachio grain that is harvested in September, in the city of Bronte, located near the Etna slopes.

The rocky and lava soil, typical and characteristic of Bronte’s territories, is perfect for the pistachio, creating a natural habitat that allows the plant a strong and flourishing growth.

This special soil gives to the pistachio a unique and rare proprietress, which are higher than the remaining rest of the world production.

The pistachio is laid to the ground and then is sun-dried for a few days, before it can be commercialized.

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What is the shelled green pistachio of Bronte P.D.O.

The shelled green pistachio of Bronte P.D.O is a product completely and absolutely natural and packaged in sachets of 100 gr, 500 gr or 1000 gr. The fruits of the pistachio, similar a “grain”, derives from the great passion and cares used by the local farmers in the pistachio tree (commonly called “frastucara”) cultivation.

Properly from this mountain lava territory, a simple, natural and health product is born, which can be tasted and anjoyed in the mid-meal or in the mid-day, as a snack; many people also use it like a main ingredient for recipes. For this reason we aslo propose the pistachio granella and pistachio flour.

The shelled pistachio passes directly from the collection to the packaging, following specific steps, that are are really well explained on our article, within the blog. The pistachio so maintains its naturalness, no preservatives are used during the processing phases, only water, soil, air and soil. For this reason the Pistachio of Bronte has acquired the P.D.O. denomination, and it doesn’t require  toasting or salt addig.

Shelled green pistachio of Bronte P.D.O. nutritional value

  • Calories 579 Kcal/2403 KJ,
  • Fats 45 g,
  • Satured fats 5,8 g,
  • Sugar 13 g,
  • Proteins 19,4 g,
  • Salt 0,3 g.

Shelled pistachio ingredients:

green Pistachio of Bronte (100%)

Shelled pistachio conservation condition:

store in a fresh and dry place, away from heat sources and light.

Allegens: Nutfruits, Pistachio.

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