Pistachio Pure Paste 100%


The Caraci’s Pistachio Pure Paste is the outcome of an accurate selection of high quality raw materials, suitable for who want an high quality and certificated product.

It has an intense green colour and a very strong fragrance, typical of the 100% pistachio concentrate.

This Pistachio Pure Paste contains only 100% di Pistachio, without palm oil, it is usually used in restaurant, bakery and ice cream parlor who want to offer to their customers a great Pistachio product, therefore this Pure Paste is perfect for the preparation of ice cream, parfait, semifreddo e various preparations with Pistachio.

Available in jar of 190g/500g/1000g/ 5000g to guarantee the possibility of use for local bakery, and bigger ice cream parlor or restaurant.



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What is the Pistachio Pure Paste (Ice Cream Base)

The Pistachio Pure Paste 100% is the base for “pistachio preparation” used by several italian to prepare the famous Pistachio Ice Cream bakery Pistachio Ice Cream. obviously available in different sizes of 190,500, and 1000 gr, in order to give the possibility of use to the families at home, and to the medium and large businesses, who want to realize more and more Pistachio creations and recipes.

With the Pistachio Pure Paste is possible give a more intense taste and flavour to all your Pistachio creations, both sweet and savoury, with the Pistachio Pure Paste products you can certainly taste the true flavour of Pistachio 100% natural ad traditional. . Therefore the Caraci’s Pure Paste is the outcome of an accurate selection of high quality raw materials.

An ideal product not only for home cooking, but also and especially for businesses like bakery, ice cream parlor, bar e restaurant who want to create new recipes savoury, sweet and ice cream. All the unique, intense and unmistakable taste of Pistachio from Bronte turns into an high quality practical product.

The Caraci’s Pistachio Pure Paste infact is the result of an accurate selection of premium quality Pistachio. It contains only 100% of Pistachio without the addition of oils. Thanks to high concentration of Pistachio, it has an intense colour and a strong fragrance features that make thisPure Paste an high quality product.

It is perfect for make traditional ice cream, creams semifreddo, biscuits, but it is also useful for savoury recipes, because the Caraci Sicily Food Pure Paste is naturally made of 100% Pistachio, providing a real and pure taste.

Nutritional Value of Pistachio Pure Paste

  • Calories 571 Kcal/2390 KJ
  • Fat 45,9 g
  • Carbohydrates 28 g
  • Proteins 21,3 g
  • Fiber 10 g
  • Sodium 0,01 g

Ingredients of Pistachio Pure Paste

Pistachio (100%)

Storage Conditions of Pistachio Pure Paste

Keep it in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat.


Nuts (Pistachio)

Shelf Life

24 Month

Additional information

Weight N/A

90g, 190g, 1000g, 5000g

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