Only very high quality pistachio


The Bronte Pistachio!


The Caraci Sicily Food Company was born in Bronte in 2017 it is in fact a very young and fresh local company composed of a team of ‘Bronte’ who care about their beloved land and their precious fruits.

Thanks to the great passion and desire to make our culture and our beloved fruit known even to the most distant countries, Caraci SRLs constantly participates in national events and fairs to expand the Green Gold of our beloved land as much as possible. Pistachio!

In fact, Caraci Pistachio Products are created to share and introduce tourists to families and companies the true flavor of the healthy and genuine Pistachio of Etna.

In fact, our team works daily to find, select and guarantee the best Sicilian Pistachio products in the area.

Caraci Sicily Food, tries to guarantee the customer a completely natural and traditional taste experience, bringing the best Etna Pistachio Products to the tables of Italians.

The Bronte Pistachio Harvest on the slopes of Etna!

Bronte is a small village located on the slopes of Etna at about 900m above sea level. Its very extensive and mainly volcanic territory has allowed the development and luxuriant growth of the Pistachio Plant, which was imported many centuries ago by the ancient Arabs and has now become a very precious fruit for the entire Sicilian land.

The Pistacchio Verde di Bronte PDO is known and highly appreciated in Italian cuisine and beyond. Precisely for this reason the Caraci SRLs company tries to spread this precious fruit as much as possible.



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