How do you say Arancino or Arancina?

Find out what’s cooking June 18/19/20!

Spreadable Pistachio Cream!

The very high quality of the Pistachio and an artisanal processing make the Cream exceptional and sweet at the right point, ideal for spreading on bread, rusks and for filling sweets and delicious recipes.

Super creamy and GLUTEN FREE Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Pesto!

Pistachio Pesto used in the kitchen by most Italian families directly from the jar to the plate or to flavor tasty bruschetta or delicious second courses.

Pistachio Pesto rich and intense flavor, only oil and salt without the addition of spices, with pistachio of the highest quality GLUTEN FREE

100% Pure Pistachio Paste

With a very intense green color and a strong and decisive aroma, the Pure Pistachio Paste has a consistency of 100%

Its use is very common among restaurants, pastry shops and ice cream shops that want to offer their public an excellent product based on Pistachio.

Pistachio Paste with Durum Wheat Flour!

Caraci Pistachio Pasta is a real delight for family lunch, it is made with pistachio flour and durum wheat flour, with a natural and completely artisanal manufacturing and drying process.

Typical Pistachio Product!

Discover the Kit Family

The Pistachio Family Kit is designed to satisfy the most delicious desires of the whole family containing seven pistachio delicacies, each of which can be used in combination with the other or for the preparation of sweet and savory recipes.

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Bronte Pistachio Family Kit

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Do you want to learn how to cook the best Bronte Pistachio recipes?

Download now the most amazing Sicilian Pistachio Etna recipes and enjoy the intense taste of Mediterranean flavors!

Shelled Green Pistachio from Bronte P.D.O.

Savor the true taste of High Quality Bronte Pistachio!

Discover the most popular Pistachio Kits!

Now you have the opportunity to prepare and fully enjoy the main Bronte Pistachio recipes!

With the Pasta Kit and the other Pistachio Kits you can make your recipes in no time without forgetting any main ingredient!

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